May 03 2016

Sean El Dien

Categories: Mixologist
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Sean El Dien, Master Mixologist, Creative Director, and Co-Owner of Morsels and Mixology – Boutique Catering, started his journey to becoming such a well-rounded mixologist while working for years in the restaurant and hospitality services. Sean first began while being mentored in restaurants and learning the fundamentals of tending and service of a bar.

After finding his true talent in creating signature cocktails and developing full bars from scratch while working in catering services, he then went onto directing a cocktail program at a brand new restaurant overseas in Europe. Realizing his creative force, he came back to the U.S. to create Morsels and Mixology with Executive Chef, Brian Bouchard, where they focus on pairing cuisine with cocktails. Sean has a passion and unique ability to create a robust and flavorful cocktail that can elevate a diner’s experience.

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