In addition to the traditional process of whiskey fermentation and ageing, our American oak barrels give a gorgeous and smooth taste to our whiskey. These vessels are not just meant for containment but for adding more flavors to the spirits as they are semi-permeable


We Follow These Steps To Get Our Rich Alcohol

  • Milling destroys the grain structure and further facilitates its solubilization
  • Then comes hydrolysis of the starches contained within
  • Milled grain is transferred to a mashing vessel
  • Then come gelatinization, enzymatic hydrolysis, and lautering with mash additions and yeast pitching
  • Fermentation is the next step and it happens for about 96 to 168 hours
  • Then lastly distillation separates alcohol from water


And We’re Not Done Yet…
The aging done here is not just of the liquor but of the Chai-tea ingredients as well The spices that make Gaur Spice Whiskey so special are Ginger, Clove, Nutmeg & Cinnamon and these accompany the spirit into the barrel The aging process starts while these Indian Chai Spices naturally flavor the liquor The final product comes out 6 months after the spirit has that characteristic rich smoothness, lesser burn and yet velvety & flavorful mouth-feel that Gaur Spice Whiskey is known for

Family Tradition

Bringing unique blends and flavors in each of its creations is what the family does best. There are numerous bartenders and whiskey sommeliers at work here that constantly come up with newer blends, flavors and recipes. Gaur Spice Whiskey is special to the whole team because of its innate Indianness.

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