May 04 2016

Nicole Reynolds

Categories: Mixologist
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Growing up in north jersey, I have been very fortunate to appreciate the diverse restaurant culture the tri state has to offer. I had the pleasure of dining at some of the best restaurants in NYC and my appreciation for creative foods came very early. I started bartending in college at a local dive bar, which is where my creativity with cocktails was sparked. During the slower hours, I would mix drinks with the alcohol we had, to replicate familiar flavors. The astonishment in people’s faces when trying my drinks gave me the passion to want to impress people with my creativity in mixology. I went on to different restaurants and nightclubs, where I learned even more.

It wasn’t until I became the bar manager at Allendale Bar & Grill that I really had the drive to combine fresh ingredients from the kitchen, as well as the use of kitchen tools, into my drinks.
I enjoy traveling, especially to be inspired by local flavors of the world. I like to go on vacation and come back with array of ideas to create a drink menu for the restaurant.
As well as mixology, I also have a passion for event planning. I recently started my own business, NBR Events, which I do many different types of events, one being mixology parties, where I teach a group of people how to make a specific cocktail. I also compete in the NJRA Mixologist of the year competition, which always pushes me into new directions with new liquor every year. Gaur Spice Whiskey has been one of my favorites to work with, especially because it is a very unique whiskey with a depth of flavors.

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