May 14 2016

Kristin Keuhlen

Categories: Mixologist
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Behind the stick for 12 years, I’ve worked at a college bar, a brewpub, a local “Cheers” style bar, and most notably, a Gastropub – where my knowledge of craft beer met my love of food. Each establishment taught me knew skills and inspired me in different ways, but the basis of all has been the same: help people have a great time.

It wasn’t until I landed at Salt Gastropub that I really focused my creativity and crazy ideas towards new cocktails. Having awesome customers who are foodies and homebrewers means lots of enthusiastic conversations about flavor combinations and ingredients. They appreciate the time and thought that goes into making something delicious, and they’re always down to try something new! It really encourages me to stay on top of industry trends, use seasonal and local Garden State ingredients, and push myself to continue to create the next best cocktail!

Bartender at Salt Gastropub & Orchard Beer Garden

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