May 02 2016

Jonathan Echavarria

Categories: Mixologist
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Jonathan Echavarria is a local of Morristown, New Jersey. He is currently a soon-to-be graduate at Bloomfield College. He will be getting his Bachelors in Game Design. has been in the industry for a total of three years now. He also recently became a bartender at Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen. Jonathan started at Jockey Hollow in September 2015, about a year after the establishment opened. He worked his way up from runner, constantly looking for new challenges. He then became a barback in November 2015 and grew an affinity for the mixology scene. He soon learned the drinks on the Jockey Hollow menu, and began to push for the bartender position.

Interestingly enough, Jonathan did not really have much experience at all behind the bar upon participating in the mixology competition. However, he felt he could take on the challenge of creating an original cocktail for the Mixologist of the Year competition using Gaur Spiced Whiskey. He quickly used everything that the bartenders at Jockey Hollow were doing and took that into his own style. It took months of his fellow employees tasting and letting him know what worked and what did not. It was a very iterative process. Finally, after completing the cocktail and presenting it to the judges, he felt that it was a strong representation of Gaur Spiced Whiskey and himself and his style. Jonathan is currently still at Jockey Hollow and always looking for new challenges.

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