May 03 2016

John Jansma

Categories: Mixologist
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I started exploring drink mixing at my first job in the industry. I would watch the bartenders make cocktails and ask a thousand questions. I ended up dating one of the bartenders and before I knew it, I was able to bartend without any formal training.Learning the history and flavors of all of the spirits has led me to develop my palate for cocktails and wine. I am now a sommelier and use my sense of taste in every aspect of my life. It’s important for me to prepare cocktails that are in absolute harmony, sweet balancing sour, bitter balancing alcohol, texture and temperature.

At Restaurant Serenade we strive to attain high quality, local ingredients. We try to develop our own flavors from natural sources and we try to use spirits that are hand crafted and produced by true experts and artists.In my cocktails I try to include flavors that remind me, and hopefully remind my guests, of past experiences. I like to use Gaur Spiced Whiskey with Campari and Courvoisier in a juniper berry smoked glass. The flavors and aromas remind me of camping as a child on a summer evening with the camp fire burning and crickets chirping in the woods.

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