May 03 2016

Craig Schiedlo

Categories: Mixologist
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My journey began at Morris Tap & Grill back in 2012 as a server. After a few months of being there the owners and managers liked my work ethic and asked if I wanted to become a bartender. I was told that if I did, I would have to come in on my own time and train. For the next month I came in on my off days and after my serving shifts and shadowed behind the bar. My mentor, Craig Michaels, who I still work closely with today, took me under his wing and began a more formal training. After a while, the bar staff and guests wanted me to be a regular bartender.

Shortly after, Michael Desimone asked me if I wanted to co-head bartend at a new location the company was opening up called Paragon Tap & Table. I gladly accepted and along with that Mike invited me to go on liquor trainings over the course of my time there and expand my knowledge and creativity. Eventually, Mike went to Jack’s Cabin and I went on to other ventures; in a similar situation to before, Mike asked me to come be the head bartender at his new location. With this new position and further guidance from Kris Bakey the owner of Jack & Co, I have joined the competition circuit to better test myself and my skill set in the industry and keep myself motivated to consistently grow and achieve the high goals that I set for myself.

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