About Spice Whiskey

GAUR Spice brings to you the essence of Indian Heritage – exotic aromas and spices. Our love of tradition, the finest Ingredients and world class American Whiskeys inspired the creation of this unique blend.

Blend No. 1 – Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove and Nutmeg.


About the Gaur Bull.

Native to South and Southeast Asia, the majestic Gaur is a formidable animal. It is the largest extant bovine on the planet and is rivaled in size and weight by only a handful of land animals. Also called the Indian Bison, the Gaur represents bold robust strength and is respected among many animals of equal or greater size.
Like the magnificent Gaur, the Gaur family’s legacy embodies the boldness and strength of the gaur into their every endeavor. Now, combining their Indian heritage with American innovation, the Gaur family is proud to present Gaur Spice Whiskey

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